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Garage Door Services

Magic makes it to be simple for you to choose a quality garage door repair company. With over a decade in the garage door repair business, we have many pleased customers and want you to be one too. The easiest way to hire a garage door company is to know which company has the most excellent testimonials to show the kind of work the company does.

You will be awed by the large number of garage door businesses that try to pretend their lack of experience doesn’t matter.  Garage door repair has low start up costs and the industry is an attraction for many amateurish people. Magic has over a decade of experience and we fix a lot of problems companies like this cause. Call us first and you won’t need to call anyone else.

If you are shopping for a garage door repair company right now, always ask questions. Will they cover your property for damages? Do they have liability insurance ? Make sure the company you hire has the right amount of insurance. This means they have the liability to cover the value of your home and cover every possible problem that could happen. Magic  has you covered.

Stevenson Ranch Garage Door Services

What’s their company’s reputation like in Stevenson Ranch? When you deal with an unknown companies it is risky business. Good people have been hurt by careless companies. Startup companies don’t usually have the experience needed. Unfortunately, we regularly get calls to fix work done by companies like this.

Will this company warranty the replacement parts? If replacement parts are not factory permitted quality, you will probably be fixing it again soon. Some parts like the torsion springs can break and release over 500lbs of stress instantaneously. Does the company give a written warranty? Magic guarantees your satisfaction and only uses factory accepted replacement parts.

We promise same day service. We work hard to give better service in Stevenson Ranch than any other garage door repair company. This includes providing options for our customers fast. For garage door service Magic will give you composure because when we say we will fix it, we fix it fast.

Owning a business can be very stressful on  the best day. If your business depends on getting your garage doors open, the longer they remain closed because they are broken, the worse the financial statement is.

We bring fast and dependable emergency repair service. Magic gets your doors open fast. We’ll repair your doors or garage door opener at your convenience. We come when you are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

No matter what make of garage door opener you have, we are capable enough to repair it. We have the best technicians in the local area and we have a full set of factory replacement parts for both commercial and residential doors.

Magic has the best price in Stevenson Ranch because we want your business. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Our factory qualified personnel know all the minutiae about garage door repair or replacing any brand name of garage door, mechanism, or garage door opener. When we are finished, your problems will be solved with your garage door. We know the benefits our work can have for you and our talented technicians do their best work all the time. We can start with an evaluation of every part of the garage door structure to make sure it’s working flawlessly.

Throughout our 10 years of experience we have taken calls from customers that wanted to try do it yourself repairs for their garage doors. Some people were fortunate nothing adverse happened. They didn’t have the essential tools or know-how to do the work. A few didn’t  even have an understanding of how the parts came together. They were able to take things apart but not install the new parts.

There are DIY repairs a home or business owner can do if they choose to, but when you are dealing with the nonstop release of 500 lbs of pressure of spring steel, it’s better to leave that fix to us.

If you have doubts about a DIY project, call Magic and we can take care of you right. We are very fast and sensibly priced. DIY repairs to your garage door by yourself can be very risky.

When you need garage door repair company because you already have a problem, it makes it very difficult to hire the best company. Take the time to choose the correct company so you won’t be let down. Don’t fall into the pit of broken guarantees, careless work, or cheap replacement parts.

We are your leading garage door repair company in Stevenson Ranch. Our dispatchers are waiting for your call. We’ll send our technicians out immediately. Magic guarantees your satisfaction. Call today.